Car Wrap Ireland

We provide a bespoken car wrap service. Using high quality 3m vinyl wrap, we do vehicle graphics with long lasting results. We also do van graphics.

What is a car wrap?

Car wrapping, also known as vinyl wrapping, vehicle wrapping, and auto wraps is the process of changing the colour of your car with vinyl. We do this by adding vinyl layers to the exterior panels of a car.

How to vinyl warp?

This is a precision process that involves adding layers of vinyl to the car panels. For good results, this job is best done by a professional. So you don’t end up with bubbling and creases.
Auto wrapping your car will completely transform the cars aesthetics and visual styling. More so, it protect your paintwork from scratches and chipping.

Vehicle Branding

Custom wrapping your car with your company graphics is a great marketing tool. The advertising benefits of wrapping can turn your car into a 24/7 billboard. It helps you get thousands of impressions each month and stand out from other businesses. It also gets your contact information in front of potential customers.

Full Car Wrap

This is the process of completely changing the colour of your car with vinyl material. We have a huge range of popular colour options available from matte black, chrome vinyl, white, to pink. Your options are only limited to imagination.
A full wrap is a great way to make your car unique or restore an old car. We have many customers choosing this solution because they cannot find the colour they want for their car.

Custom Wrap

Our wraps are not limited to doing the full car. We also do personalised vinyl work for smaller sections of the car. Such as the roof, spoiler, bonnets, mirrors, side panels, and interior.
This is a lower cost option if your looking to improve the visual appeal of your car to make it unique or stand out.

Benefits of car wrapping

Wrapping has many benefits other than changing the colour. These include:
  • The changes are not permanent and can be easily removed, unlike paint.
  • Vinyl layers do not damage the paintwork underneath when removed.
  • It protects the paint from wear and tear, and chipping.
  • Vinyl car wrap cost is far less than paint.
  • Looks just like a re-spray.
  • If you’re a business, it’s great for advertising.
With our massive range of finishes and special effects to choose from, this is brilliant option for anyone needing a change.

Where to buy vinyl wrap

At the Sign Depot we have an endless range of vinyl material ready to transform your car. Get the bests prices on van wraps and car wraps. We have a full range of the best signs Ireland has to offer.
Our depot is in Limerick and our service all Ireland. Including Dublin, Cork, and Galway. You can find us at the Sign Depot at Unit 2, Crossagalla Industrial Estate, Ballysimon Rd, Crossagalla, Limerick City, Co. Limerick.
Call us today at: (061)-294 793. Or fill out the contact form below for a free quotation.
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