What is the importance of safety signs in the workplace?

Proper signage in a workplace is undoubtedly one of the most important measures of occupational risk prevention, since it allows the oprarario and all those involved in the work to be warned about the risks.

What is meant by security signaling?

Safety marking is related to an object or activity that may cause hazards to the worker. Therefore, this signaling will provide an indication regarding safety at work, through a plate with characteristic shape and color.

What is the main purpose of security signaling?

The aim of the signaling is to warn of the existence of danger that could expose the worker, equipment and the building to the risk of physical damages. It is of paramount importance that it be well positioned in a place where everyone who accesses this environment can see the safety signage.

The priority of a signaling project is to convey to the workers, in a summarized, clear and objective way, the desired information. There is signaling whose function is to guide, to indicate the path to be taken by the user to his destination. It is, in short, a guiding sign, like the signaling of an airport, a road, etc.

What are the main attributes that a security signaling should contain?

  • Be complete and not in part
  • Do not have double meaning
  • Be symmetrical if possible
  • Be simple and easy to understand
  • Strong contours to attract attention

Are there risks at construction sites?
Even in spite of the requirements and norms on signage in a construction site, we still see many places like these without the proper signaling. Sign Depot is prepared to ensure the safety of all operators and involved in the works, provide us with the best in safety signs.

Examples of Safety Signage

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